Marcel Manafa

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loose nuts...screwed tighter

‘Loose nuts ....screwed tighter’ is a witty book that takes a satirical look at the nation Nigeria, its people and characteristics. The book also takes a comical swipe at; Nigeria's brand of democracy, politicians, political etiquettes, ethnic factors in the political equation, crimes, Nigeria's unstructured class system, the economy etc. The book also makes a lampoonery of; human idiosyncrasies, the gender war (man vs woman), marriage, our ‘paper' lives, patience, luck and humour itself. The book steps up to a higher wit level with 100 quotable quotes, crazy re-definitions of known terms, grandma's guide to democratic English, whistle blowing, political drama, facial humour, democratic structures and the cry of the oppressed. It gets wittily silly with satire on dogs, mosquitoes, vermin, addicts, assassination schools (?), living with alphabets in Nigeria, jokes and omnium-gatherums (orishirishi).


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