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mobile developer's guide to the galaxy

The focus of this book is on developing mobile apps, which encompasses a number of phases including: planning and specification, prototyping and design, implementation, internal testing and deployment, deployment to an app store, discovery by users, installation, use and feedback. Ultimately, we want our users to enjoy using our apps and to give us positive ratings to encourage other users to do likewise. Keep reading to learn how to develop apps for the major platforms. Should this be the first time that you have considered getting involved, do not delay; mobile has become the predominant form of computing in many areas already. At a global scale, mobile web usage overtook desktops. Same applies for games: Mobile is generating more revenue than any other gaming market today. And at least in the U.S., time spent on mobile app usage even surpassed the good old TV. While developing mobile apps shares many common feature with developing other software, it has specific characteristics. We will cover some of these next.


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