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the art of selling to the affluent: how to attract, service, and retain wealthy customers and clients for life, 2nd edition

Much has changed since the original The Art of Selling to the Affluent was published. The financial crisis has impacted the affluent as much as it has others. This book would bring readers up to date with todays affluent and help every sales person understand what has changed, and what adjustments need to be made, in order to successfully attract, service, and retain lifelong affluent customers and clients. This new edition will be based on The Oechli Institutes latest 2013 comprehensive research. It will include topics such as: The landscape of todays affluent- the current realities of the affluent caused by The Great Recession and a preview of new affluent opportunities, The affluent mindset shift- explains how the financial crisis elevated the level of affluent skepticism and anxiety and the connection between this and major purchase decisions, Overcoming affluent sales reluctance- how to navigate the process of overcoming social self-consciousness.


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