Max Altschuler

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hacking sales: the playbook for building a high-velocity sales machine

All sales teams need to evolve, or theyll go extinct. 40% of the Fortune 500 from the year 2000 is no longer on the Fortune 500 in the year 2015. Thats because these companies failed to evolve. In Hacking Sales, Max Altschuler walks you logically through the entire sales process. Youll learn: How to figure out your Ideal Customer Profile and your Total Addressable Market. These are the companies that need your product or services that you can easily surface with a little effort and know-how. Always best to go after your lowest hanging fruit first. How to build massive leads lists using your ICP and TAM info and how to get contact info. How to properly segment these lists and target in your outreach campaigns. The different types of business development and prospecting. Top down, bottom up, or hyper targeted. Copy and messaging strategies, A/B testing, and using public information and lead research. Outbound outreach process and follow up cadence. How to nurture leads through the sales process once youve made contact. Messaging and social media psychology hacks. How and what areas of the sales process to outsource. Preparing for calls and demos and how to overcome objections before they happen. Bonus solutions for basic business development skills.


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