Mazantsi Sivuyile, Roth Sam

Books by Mazantsi Sivuyile, Roth Sam

too young to die

Mzi wants one thing: revenge. He is full of hatred and anger for his old girlfriend Ntombi and her new boyfriend Olwethu. It was their fault that he was arrested for being part of Zakesí carjacking gang. But now to stay out of jail Mzi canít make one wrong move. And at Harmony High Mzi no longer gets the respect he once had. Kids who feared him now tease him. Only his old friend Vuyo and the sexy Priscilla give him comfort, and encourage him to regain his power by getting back into the world of crime. Will Mzi manage to get his revenge on Olwethu, and still stay out of jail? Or will he be making the biggest mistake of his life?


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