Megs Hudson

Megs Hudson was born and raised in the United States, in the Midwest, and she still lives there today. Growing up in the country, she has always loved horses, dogs, and all other animals. She loves hot chocolate, cold chocolate, and any kind of chocolate. Though her love for books came to her later in life, she never thought she’d be a published author. Here she is. Her mind is swirling with new ideas every day. Everything from contemporary romance, to horror, to paranormal, to the whole fantasy spectrum, she has stories in the making for all genres in the fiction world.

Books by Megs Hudson

call me yours

Chris has given up on finding true love after a series of heartbreaks. He’s content to survive on the meager salary he earns as a janitor in one of Kayla Morrison's chain of hotels. Chris is about to dispose of the contents in a trash can when a local paper falls out and drops at his feet. An ad on the front page catches his attention – a woman named Kayla Renae is searching for love and wants to communicate through letters. Chris responds to the ad and exchanges letters and emails with Kayla Renae Morrison, a wealthy, lonely woman searching for love. When Kayla doesn’t show up for their first nor subsequent dates, Chris starts to dig into her past. But someone else is asking questions about Kayla too, whoever they are, may unearth a dark well-kept secret that will make their happily-ever-after impossible.


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