Mercy Alaofin

Mercy Alaofin is a business lawyer, real estate investment consultant, writer, and poet. She is a lover and follower of Christ whose mission is to see God's people live to the fullness of the freedom Christ purchased for them- mentally, financially, spiritually, and physically. Before she started writing, Mercy graduated with a bachelor's degree in law from Kogi State University and subsequently attended the Nigerian Law School, Yola where she met Christ and caught His vision for her life. Before now, in pursuit of her passion for businesses and the corporate sector, she had dedicated her professional skills to working with businesses and non-profit organisations. She currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria where she runs a real estate consultancy alongside her writing and publishing business.

Books by Mercy Alaofin

living life free of fear

Life is full of many mountains to scale up, many hills to leap off and many valleys to climb out. Many giants to fight, many seasons of darkness and tears that test us, many trials that challenge us. As well as many seasons of light, laughter, and joy that delight us. In all these seasons, we need the Holy Ghost to hold us by the hand, help us navigate and keep us strong to not be overwhelmed and give in to fear. Jesus described Him as the comforter and helper. This book is a practical guide on how to live life free of fear and its other accomplices- worry, anxiety and shame. Yes, it’s possible to live life free of fear, I am a living testimony. So I wrote this book to show you how to take life's leaps boldly, laughing out loud and crushing the enemy's antics, fully confident that we are the apple of God's eye.


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