Mfonobong Inyang

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the franchise players

The Franchise Players is a collection of fictional pieces that may or may not be inspired by real life events. A satire of sorts, it is used to shine a light on very important issues in our world like rape, inclusion, leadership, crime, ethnic and cultural biases, insecurity, health etc. Using the storytelling approach, it humanizes these issues by depicting them in very relatable scenarios and language. The Franchise Players chronicles hypothetical happenings and imaginary events through the eyes or lens of different ‘players’ who have their unique roles in the stories. On the surface, these stories appear as nothing but a beautiful concatenation of words; unfettered expressions of creativity. A more cursory look at these stories will reveal their familiarity because they are the stories of our lives – literally. Written for contemporary readers, it is designed to stimulate thinking using veiled references to relatable events. This book is for the discerning, those who know that George Orwell’s Animal Farm was NEVER about animals.


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