Michael Nwanolue

Books by Michael Nwanolue

amobi and the door beyond time

Amobi is the super awesome priest of Amadioha, the god of thunder and lightning. He just doesn't know it yet. But after he accidentally makes a church explode and vaporizes a security guard, he starts to realize that there might be some truth to his grandfather's stories after all. Now, accompanied by his two best friends, who are priests themselves, they must complete an ancient quest to free the gods from their prison before the world is engulfed in eternal darkness and completely annihilated. Strap on your seat-belts. It's going to epic.

the night runner

It's been six months since the Igbo gods were freed. Six months for the world to readapt to powers that haven't walked the earth in centuries. While the various pantheons go on the hunt for Ekwensu, five special teenagers are recruited to help with a case in the House of Midnight. It's supposed to be a simple thing, but the teens soon find themselves in the middle of a vast conspiracy that just might involve the people that recruited them, all while a mysterious new enemy lurks in the shadows and another world teeters on the edge of destruction.


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