Michael Udoikpa

Michael Udoikpa was born in Calabar, in 1985, and currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria. A Novelist, tailoring stories in a perfect blend of facts, fiction and inspiration based on his personal life experiences. Writing books in the- Fiction, Sci-Fi, Crime, Children’s Literature and Comic genres. More from the Author? Visit: http://michaeludoikpa.com.ng to find more books, audio books, videos, podcasts, tour information, newsletters, chapter excerpts, articles and news about by the author.

Books by Michael Udoikpa

going past wednesday

A pleasant romantic get-away visit to faraway Lokoja ends with a sown seed of doubt in Greg’s mind, on the morning of his bus trip back to Lagos. However, amidst the hurt and confusion, he finds comfort in a brewing attraction, with a pretty French speaking passenger on his bus. Simultaneously, a series of events unfolds the secret escapades of James, a mystery student, a scorned wife, and the intervening of influential parents. But nothing seems to be what it is, as the obvious becomes less untrue with every passing revelation in an interwoven web of events and this thriller connects these deeply interwoven web of events chronologically.


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