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looking back from the future

Looking back from the Future provides an imagined perspective looking back from an unspecified time in the future, on significant events in the eras that have passed. Onitsha today is a leading Igbo and Nigerian city on the banks of the River Niger. In the envisaged future it is a major city in what has become a ‘World of Homelands.’ The defining feature dividing early and later eras is: ‘rooted ethic.’ In the early eras the ‘Ethic of Darkness’ (with attendant attributes of exclusion/division/acquisition) is dominant. In the later eras the ‘Ethic of Light’ (with attendant attributes of realization/actuation/civil persuasion/inclusion) is dominant. Looking Back explores prospects offered by the ‘transformational’ properties of the computer, the internet and the world of cybernetics. It suggests possibilities for movement out of Darkness, into sustained Light, and on towards establishment of the Civil Commons, throughout what is envisaged as a World of Homelands’—the socio-ethno/political units that have replaced States and most Nations.


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