Mike Brooks

Books by Mike Brooks

power phone scripts: 500 word-for-word questions, phrases, and conversations to open and close more sales

Power Phone Scripts is a direct and practical guide on how to become a top inside sales producer using proven and effective scripting. The book focuses in on the ten characteristics of sales producers and how you can harness their characteristics to immediately achieve better results in your selling career. Whether youre prospecting, cold calling, qualifying, or closing, this must-have guide is packed with practical, word for word, current, and non-salesy, scripts to handle the recurring selling situations, resistance, and objections all inside sales reps encounter day in and day out. Power Phone Scripts is much more than just a book on phone scripts. It is a comprehensive, practical, and proven guide on how to immediately become more effective at prospecting and closing more sales starting on your very next call. Everything a sales rep needs to achieve superstar performance in a very short time is laid out in an easy to follow, fun, and immediately useful way.


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