Mila Moore

Mila is a young lawyer who runs a corporate and commercial law firm, TIQS Legal Practitioners, as well as a writer. Mila enjoys music, movies and books. Her dream is to reach the world through the eyes of the characters in her books.

Books by Mila Moore

del sogna nera

This is the first book in a 3-book sequel on the Del Sogna Nera. It gives an insight into the reality of the dark world around us which is in constant conflict to the light we carry in us. Tolah Silver is the daughter of one of the former prominent leaders of the Del Sogna Nera Cult, Pastor Nat Silver. Ever since Pastor Nat left the cult, the leader, Tanas Matthews has been plotting to get his daughter, Tolah to join the cult because he knew the immense power her father had while in the cult will be inherited by her. Tanas does everything to make sure he has Tolah including roping her best friend Mia Johnson into the cult, as well as planting the children of some cult members around her. Will Tanas be successful in getting Tolah into the cult? Will her father’s faith be enough to protect her from the darkness of the Del Sogna Nera cult? Find out in this intriguing short story.


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