Mireya Zachani

Mireya Zachani is a twenty-six year old passionate writer, who loves to speak through her books. She started writing from the age of fourteen. She is from Imo State and lives in Lagos with her mother and sisters.

Books by Mireya Zachani

the black bird

Three years down the line and Kendra still can’t find the fairytale fantasy that pulled her into a marriage that is now crumbling. With every impact of Connor’s fists, she is compelled to walk out, the easy way or the hard way. The easy way would be infidelity, but Connor is as faithful as a Monk. The hard way. . . Well, no one plans on becoming a body bag, especially not Kendra. When she meets Kingston Empire's CEO, that becomes the beginning of her problems – perhaps, the end – as she realizes that her marriage was built on a lie. Now, she has to leave Connor. But Connor has promised her that there is only one way to leave him.

after the engagement

Few weeks after the Engagement of her dreams, Janelle starts to receive threats from an unknown source. Her life was supposed to be perfect. It had been that way for twenty-five years. But what does one do, when everyone around you is going to die? Janelle–being unable to make decisions for herself– is threatened by the new pages turned up before her. But even while questioning her own identity, she finds out that she is more connected to the crimes that has happened before her eyes.

the grudge

Bode is driven and ambitious, but maybe too hardheaded and impatient to make the right choices, that he has to do the unthinkable. Timi wants to go to school, provide for the family, and her grandmother's hospital bills all at the same time. But how will she make her grandmother believe that she isn't like her late mother? Or is she? Zika has only one rule: Men are worthless beings, not even the law can save them from her. But Dele is different in an annoying way. But how does one have a clean record and still be the Devil everyone says he is? Dele has never been so cursed in his life. His misfortune was becoming a voice that announced his presence wherever he goes. The same voice seems to have a hand in his growing relationship with his obnoxious lawyer. When different paths merge as one, and becomes a dead end, what becomes the best option if going back is not?


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