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sex love purity

This is the book every youth needs now. In a world where pre-marital sex and sexual immorality is now a norm and is celebrated, and the right information about sex is scarce to the younger generation, youths are under intense pressure and in dire need of answers. This book will answer every youth's most frequently asked questions on Sex and Sexuality, Abstinence, Dating, How to deal with the Opposite sex, Sex urge, Lust, Pornography, Masturbation, Spiritual and Physical Consequences of sexual immorality, as well as Practical ways to Overcoming Sexual Immorality and Living a Sexually Pure life. It will also expose them to God's immense love towards them, irrespective of their shortcomings. Though Sex Love Purity is specially written for teens and young adults, everyone is invited to read and assimilate the rich contents of this book because sexual immorality cuts across every strata of society.


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