Mobolaji Olatunji

Books by Mobolaji Olatunji

tips for effective evangelism

In this fast paced Christian literature, you will discover the secret of winning souls for God. This writing has put together the most important method that can easily be followed to achieve maximum results in evangelism. It has also put together some interesting scenarios of outings for you to read and take some lessons from when going out to evangelize. There are also fact that most people don't know about winning souls for God, this e-book also contains expo?e on this hidden secrets. See you as you launch for a huge harvest. Congrats.

the stolen script

This e-book contains solutions to problems associated with non achievement, failure, which many people experience in life. Many of these failures, most cases are not the fault of the person concerned but mostly as a result of Script of life manipulated, exchanged, negative or stolen. By reading this e-book, you will discover the why and how, scripts of Life can be stolen. This book also contains what to do and how to surmount such problems.


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