Monus Antholology

The Memoirs Of Nigerian University Students (MONUS) Anthology is a student-led movement-for-good initiative aimed at capturing and preserving true-life stories of Nigerian University Students.

Books by Monus Antholology

memoirs of nigerian university students 2.0

Nigeria has one of the most underfunded education sectors in the world. The Memoirs Of Nigerian University Students (MONUS, pronounced "moan us") is a collection of over 100 true-life stories from 70 Universities in Nigeria aimed at fostering meaningful conversations about tertiary education in Nigeria and inciting sustainable development in our tertiary institutions. This year's edition of the anthology had true-life stories that cuts across various themes and topics like #sexforgrades, Cultism, struggles, trials, rape, bullying e.t.c. The purpose of the publication is to get both national and International attention to University education in Nigeria for the purpose of inciting sustainable change and development in Nigerian Universities and other tertiary institutions.


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