Mopelola Adeniyi

Mopelola grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, and married with two sons. An avid reader and a deep thinker. She had practiced as a stockbroker/Investment adviser for a number of years before she entered into full time writing. Her stories are inspired from her environment, life experiences of others, inspirations, scenes from the past and personal experiences. She writes to inspire hope and restoration using the anchors of stories and dramas; thereby effecting healing in the lives of many. Her writing experience is vast and eclectic; contributory writer to weekly bulletins of various religious organizations, writes faith-based and secular television and radio scripts, the editor of Impart Tales, a children education and entertainment company and the editor of ‘The Scribing Evangelist an inspirational online magazine. .

Books by Mopelola Adeniyi

soul reapers

Bode Williams and Jeremiah are the leaders of the two churches marked for destruction by the dark kingdom. The unseen powers use sophisticated spiritual weapons and devices to monitor, ensnare, weaken, and turn key members and leaders of these churches away from the faith. The enemy’s most deadly weapon is the saint’s ignorance of the battle going on around them. Many become captives by the voice of the enemy through the weapons of thought suggestions and mind control, while others fell through the caprices of their unbridled desires, wants and secret passions. In the middle of these intense battles is an ally who responds to the saints’ faintest cry for help and stir of faith. Spiritually gripping, a supernatural apocalyptic story that will never leave you the same forever.

kubi the lion prince

A baby cub became all alone when the mother lion died of a scorpion sting, and the rest of the lion family became ravaged by wild animals. He wandered around the wilderness , tired and hungry until he fainted by the entrance of a village where domestic animals live. They took him, and he began to live with them. Over time, he forgot about being a Lion, and began to think, eat and live like the other animals. This continued until one day when something unusual unhappened.

hooked and other plays

Hooked and Othe Plays are 4 short radio plays on Contemporary Christian issues. HOOKED is an allegory of how many young people became trapped in pornography. THE DECEPTION, a play which depicts that man can never win in the game sin. You cannot outwit the man of sin, THE DEVIL as he has been in the game for more than 2000 years. PIERCING THE DARKNESS, a story of a family ravaged by the spirit of death. They drop dead at their 40th birthday. The story depicts how the light of God pierces through the darkness of evil. The last, THE BITTER ROOT, an allegory of how man looks elsewhere but himself as the enemy within.


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