Mopelola Adeniyi

Books by Mopelola Adeniyi

the king's daughter

Princess Erykah of Irese Kingdom was kidnapped by hoodlums and saved by a hunter who took her home to his wife, Ashanti. But Ashanti had other plans aside returning the little girl to her father king Abdul, and collecting a little prize money. She wanted something more. She wanted the throne for her daughter, Shekinah. So, she devised a plan to present her daughter as the princess of Irese. She raised both girls for fifteen years until they grew to be beautiful young maidens. With the passage of time, no one will recognize the real princess from the fake. Her plans having matured, she set to present Shekinah, her daughter, as the princess of Irese Kingdom. But there were human obstuctions she needed to do away with. A reluctant and holier than thou husband who refused to support her evil plans, and Eryah, the real princess. She has to be dead for her daughter to own the throne.

travails of eve's daughters

This is the true story of certain African elite women. Amongst them are the married, single and divorced. Each has a story to tell of her unique challenges and experiences of life. Stories of passion, pain, hope, healing and struggles to survive and belong in our contemporary society. Has anyone experienced the fear of remaining single for life? Anyone living with the stark reality of a wrong marriage? Ridden by guilt of infidelity? Afraid of commitment? Or is anyone struggling with the anguish of failed dreams? Oh! It used to be so good with us, but now…? Envious of your friends who seem to have it all in their grasp? Wallowing in the pit of disappointment? Being jilted? Afraid of growing old alone and desperately wanting back what you foolishly threw away out of childish exuberance? Haunted by the ghost of the past? Being let down by a loved one? These are some of the dramas you will encounter in this classic story.

a rough diamond

Sharon’s life was perfect or so it seemed. She had one of the best paying jobs, a high flyer; climbing the career ladder at a pace most people could only imagine. Blessed with toys typical of the fast-paced life, state of the art automobiles, jetting from one city to another on vacation, and courted by the most eligible bachelor at work. What more can a girl possibly ask for? This was Sharon’s life until a beast from the past rose and dealt her an eternal wound. She lost all that was dear to her and sank into the lowest ebb of anger and depression. Left alone by family and friends, she turned to the one who has the answers to the questions of life.

born different

Chinaza was a beautiful baby born like every child until some birth defects were discovered in her. Hospitals became second home to her parents who were perplexed about their daughter’s condition. Then, they discovered they had a special child with cerebral palsy popularly known as PC in medical parlance

the messengers and other plays

The Messengers and other plays is the second volume of the parable series. THE MESSENGERS is a play about the activities of angels in the lives of believers. Is it possible you have encountered an angel sometime in your life? I can recall a few angelic interventions in my own life. IN A FLEETING MOMENT is an allegory about living in the end times. The harvest is ripe, the sickle is Unleashed, the clock ticks gently to the end, as soul hunters are on the prowl for the greatest harvest of all time. CERTIFIED DEAD - A man's quest for a greater anointing opened his eyes to heaven's requirements for qualification. REFINED BY PAIN - Why does God allow the seemingly pointless sufferings of life. Why is he so quiet during difficult times. What is his purpose in your pain?


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