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godfidence pills for kingdompreneurs (100 personalized scriptural affirmations for a wealthy mind)

ABOUT THE BOOK Godfidence pills are powerful faith-filled affirmations from the scriptures, which are issue focused. By meditating on them, and consciously declaring them, we activate our trust in the potency, validity and veracity of the word of God. As a Kingdompreneur, FAITH is a currency at your disposal, you can utilize this currency by declaring and hearing God’s word; thereby importing all of your blessings from the heavenly realms. The word of God is also a legal document, you only enjoy its vitality when you know what is written about you or any circumstance and thereby superimpose this over anything that looks contrary. You picked this book because you know how powerful words are. Within these pages are the right words to enjoy the super abundant life God promised you.


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