Moses Chukwueze

Moses Ekene Chukwueze is a passionate young professional that loves to help people be the best they can be. He has his training in psychology from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, where he finished among the top two best for his class. He is fascinated by the human cognitive processes and how it influences complex behaviours. He is a cognitive skills trainer and supports those with learning challenges. This book, learning to learn is a product of his desire to help everyone benefit more from learning at different stages of life.

Books by Moses Chukwueze

learning to learn

The book titled “Learning to Learn” provides every learner across lifespan with evidence based tools, strategies and techniques to optimally absorb, process and retain information for future application. The book is divided into five chapters to encourage its reading and to address critical issues of learning. Each chapter has a running theme and is introduced with a lead story that is a blend of real students’ experience, the author’s own experience with friends, and observations made. The first chapter covers the concept, characteristics, and windows of learning open to individual. The second chapter takes on the conditions that determine how to benefit from learning. The first two chapters would be of particular interest to instructors, parents and guardians, as they cast light on how learning occurs and become beneficial to the individual. The third chapter exposes readers to what the human memory is like and how it works, with detailed description and practical study key for learners. Chapter four provides answers to the question of Why do people forget after studying. It also talks about the different study techniques and learning styles integrating them to benefit individual learner. The last chapter helps the reader appreciate some major activities that go on in the brain in the process of learning. It ends with a memory drawing board, using the football pitch analogy to present different practical tactics that can be implemented immediately to help improve memory of what is read.


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