N. J Gar

N. J is a Christian who loves reading fiction, God, her husband, and writing (not in that order). She lives in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria, and dreams of her large home office with bookshelves for walls every waking moment. She is also a freelance content writer, and enjoys playing word games and, of course, reading, in her spare time.

Books by N. J Gar


Vain and a bit foolish, Medusa landed herself in trouble with the goddess Athena, leading to a curse so bad, she had to live far away from civilization. In exile, Medusa learned magic from Hecate, and made friends with the Gorgons, with whom she lived and hunted anyone who meant them harm. Then Perseus came along on a quest to cut off Medusa's head; and, with the help of the gods, was successful. But Medusa had an ace up her sleeve. Millennia later, Medusa is alive, immortal, and living her best life, until someone sends Perseus back from the dead to kill her. Again. Together with her friend, Kaan, they discover that trouble was brewing on Olympus, and Medusa might be the deciding factor in how the situation ends.

the tales of perseus and medusa

How much do you know about the Greek myths of Perseus and Medusa? This eBook by N.J Gar will introduce you to the timeless tales of Perseus (Clash of the Titans, anyone?) and Medusa (snake hair, don't care. Look too long and you are stone). A precursor to her debut novella, a retelling of a popular Greek myth character, The Tales of Perseus and Medusa gives you a snappy, humorous view into the world of Greek myths, and the stories that just get better with every telling.


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