Nari Mokut

I am a Christian, a professional content writer, proofreader/editor. I'm a wife and mother of three. I am passionate about spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through His message of love and hope.

Books by Nari Mokut

teach me to love

It is amazing to be loved by God. Don't you feel blessed to be loved by a Father who deeply loves you regardless of all your imperfections? God's love is so beautiful. His love is so powerful, the human mind cannot comprehend it. There's no love greater than the love of God. No love can satisfy you like the love of God. God's love does something to us and in us that we cannot explain. He loves us because it is His nature to, not because of what we did or didn't do right. We deserve nothing, but He gives us everything. We deserved death for our sins but He gave us life through the blood of Jesus Christ. In spite of our shortcomings, God's love is showered upon us in its wholeness and awesomeness. He expresses His unfathomable love for us in so many awesome ways - in His love we find so many beautiful things that He adorns us with. God wants us to extend His love to others and we can only love the right way when we make Him our source of love. This book tells us how.

the encounter: a short story

Amy, a Christian, wife, and mother of two had never been the stay-at-home kind but for her children's sake, she had to decide to stay home and raise them. Shortly after, she began to desire more —she knew there was more and was determined to pursue it. With that desire came so many disappointments, so much so that she gradually slipped into depression. At a point, she began to feel empty —this feeling of emptiness couldn't be explained. She depended on those closest to her to fill the void but she got disappointed still — the emptiness remained. Soon after, she got a job that she was so excited about. Amy thought she was going to get the satisfaction she desperately sought after but no. Seeing that even the job couldn't take away the emptiness she felt inside, she became frustrated. It took a life-threatening surgery to find her way back to her first LOVE.

ugly: the tale of a teenage girl

Maya has everything a young girl can ask for – a beautiful home, amazing parents, a lovely school, and great friends. But something was missing from her perfectly crafted world – a sibling. She had grown tired of being the only child and so longed for siblings that she could love and care for. Just when Maya thought that her prayer had been answered tragedy struck – in the blink of an eye, her mother is gone, and so is her haven. Her world comes crashing down. “Ugly: The Tale of a Teenage Girl” is all about a love lost and found, the beautification of a seemingly hopeless and tarnished life, and a God whose grace is everlasting.


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