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brainhack: tips and tricks to unleash your brain's full potential

Change-up your thinking and discover your lightbulb moment! Ever had those moments where you've been pondering a problem for ages, trying to make a decision or come up with a new idea and then the second you get up to make a cup of tea, call a friend to talk it through or simply decide to sleep on it, you suddenly find the answers you're looking for, the solutions are obvious and the new ideas just won't stop coming? For many years the world's greatest innovators, creators and strategists have been harnessing the power of the mind to solve problems, generate new ideas and make life-changing decisions; and recent advances in neuroscience have further revealed the amazing plasticity of the brain and its huge power as a processing tool. Using this knowledge of how the mind works, Brainhack reveals the ways you can use this brain power to change-up your thinking and is packed with a series of brainhacking' tips and tricks that will help you achieve success in your every-day life. Brainhack: Contains over 40 brainhacks Provides real-world examples that bring braintraining techniques to life Explains the benefit of how the techniques will help you Explains the science behind how the brainhacks work Neil Pavitt has over 25 years' experience as an award winning Creative Director and Writer in advertising and television working for companies like Saatchi Lloyds Bank, AstraZeneca and Goldman Sachs.


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