Nelly David

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morning dew devotional: water your day as the dew waters the grass every morning

When life becomes too hectic, impersonal, and overwhelming to bear, it's time to turn to God for some peace and quiet. Morning Dew Devotional provides you with a daily dose of God's word as He guides you on the path to your freedom and purpose in life. Simple to read, you can begin at any time of the year, including right now.

prayer the game changer

Nothing works until you make it work; prayer is the workshop to make marriage work. Every virtuous woman who seeks the good of her husband must put on the amor of God to quench the fiery darts of the enemy and stand against the devil's schemes. Begin now praying faithfully and intentionally for your husband. Don't wait until there is a challenge. Many want to pray for their husbands but coming up with the right words and areas can be challenging. This book is purposed to encourage, guide and point you to specific aspects of your husband’s life to pray about. Begin today faithfully and intentionally.


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