Netty Ejike

Netty Ejike has been writing since she turned twelve. A graduate of Psychology from the University of Nigeria, Netty is married to her heartthrob. She loves cooking and reading, and is happiest when she is writing her romance novels.

Books by Netty Ejike

stormy affair

Is she going to be his undoing? Their love life was wonderful and intense. Magical. But while billionaire Miles Sanderson believed in pleasures with no strings attached, naïve Brooke Wilde believed in love, marriage, and children. Though so different, they were inexplicably drawn to each other from the beginning. But when Miles broke his cardinal rule by falling in love, he realized it was time to end the relationship. Only he had no idea just how much that would cost him…

his sin

There comes a time in a man’s life when he is filled with regrets for something he did in the past. Brad Coaster, a powerful magnate, humbled by his sin, had been trying to make amends for six years, when, on the night of his engagement party to Alyssa, he came face to face with Storm Garland, the woman from his past. Torn between his different feelings for the two women in his life, he knew he had a tough decision to make. To break up with his fiancée and risk the scandal it would cause. Or to confess his sin and lose the love of his life.


Shane Vandelier and Lily Lake, best friends since their youth, had a solid platonic relationship. But when Lily informed Shane that she was getting married to someone else, her decision set off a chain of feelings and reactions, much like a string of firecrackers, which catalyzed into revealing their hidden sexual attraction. Now that things had changed between them, would Lily’s accident and subsequent memory loss sever this bond?

an impious proposal

An accident brought them together, a proposal forced them apart. After their explosive meeting, Somadina, a religious aspirant, was surprised that a friendship developed between her and Ikem, the haughty multimillionaire whose car she’d bashed. So when a problem cropped up in her family, she naturally sought help from him. But she least expected the impious proposal he made to her in return, forcing her to make choices she wouldn’t have ordinarily dreamt of. Heaven help her...

heart whisper

For Tara Nchekwube, falling in love with dynamic Chinedu Onyia was a dream come true. And accepting his proposal was only natural. But Tara’s mother’s vehement disapproval threatened to upset their plan. They were ready to follow their hearts’ desire until they learnt just why they could never marry...

the wedding night

First love, last love? Wickedly handsome Kumi Kweku is a very sensual man. When he meets and instantly falls in love with virginal Brandy Ife, which is a first for him, he decides to do the right thing by waiting for the wedding night. Brandy, filled with excitement and expectation, also looks forward to the wedding night. But surprises are in store for them, which are capable of tearing their young marriage apart. Will Kumi’s love prevail…or his desire?

bewitching corals

Finding love in the most bizarre place. While indulging in his favorite pastime, handsome, rich Paul Logan landed in an unknown island populated by strange people. When he was offered a girl for the day, as was the islanders’ weird tradition, the last thing on his mind was pleasure, especially when he was very selective when it came to women. So he was stunned by his powerful attraction to the girl, and wanted more than a day with her, even if it meant doing things he’d never done before and making promises that would be too hard to keep…


Deep down, Carlo Brandino has refused to believe the obvious truth that Iris is no more, and has been for three years. The heartbeat he often hears thundering in his head only serves to strengthen that belief. So when he hears Claudia Santos’ voice message, he sets out to see this woman whose voice sounds just like his wife’s—a journey that brings him most unexpected revelations.

sensual bond

Sensual Bond is the gripping tale of two star-crossed lovers, a saga in five books spanning more than a decade in the lives of Crusander and Cruz who fell in love when they were younger, and made promises to marry. Unfortunately, they parted due to unpredicted circumstances. Years later, they met again, quite accidentally, and hoped to become friends, despite their involvement with other people. But how possible is a platonic relationship, when they are still in love with each other? What happens when they keep secrets and tempt fate?

bonded hearts (bk 1 sensual bond series)

Deep love...shattered dreams. Young Crusander Montgomery had no time for men, but when a strange coincidence of name brought Cruz Castillo into her life, and an even stranger relationship developed between them, she found herself falling desperately in love. Cruz had big plans for the future. He was determined to marry Crusander as soon as she turned eighteen. But his dreams came to an abrupt end when a disaster struck just a few weeks to the time...

unbidden passion

Their attraction was instant, their love deep, their relationship a secret. For Xzander Capaldi and his stepsister Honey, growing up was fun, filled with laughter and love, so they were stunned when their attraction suddenly took a different turn. Determined to ignore it, and remain only friends, they fought it with all their strength. But nothing could tame their unbidden passion. Finally, Xzander decided their fate; an action that later roped them deeper into trouble when a startling secret from the past, capable of bringing their scorching affair to its end, was revealed.

driven wild

Kimberly Campbell is a mere employee in Thorne Lorenzo Corporation. But to the elusive CEO she is a thorn in his side. She arouses him like no other woman. And to add to his humiliation, she hardly knows he exists. Thorne has to do something before he goes mad. His strict and fast rule about not getting involved with his employees stands, and breaking it is out of the question, of course, so he devises a means, even if it is unscrupulous, to end his torment. Little does he know he’s just detonated an explosive.


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