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mindset matters

Dear reader, I'm so glad you made the decision to read this book. I wrote it because I realised that, like me, so many people need encouragement in their everyday lives. I also found out, long ago, how our perception of different situations can completely influence our choices, positively or otherwise. So, I decided to write this book to share some of my experiences in a bid to encourage and entertain you, but most of all, to get you thinking about how and why we do the things we do... I believe life should be fun and filled with humour and you'll find my writing reflect this... Anything to keep you smiling! Enjoy the book!

write it!: a simple and effective journal for clarity and productivity

WRITE IT! gives you practical steps to articulating and achieving your dreams. It shifts you from the realm of wishfulness to reality with clear directions. WRITE IT! has a spattering of true life experiences which Ngozi has shared to authenticate her position on the efficacy of journaling. You will find this book to be relatable, encouraging and a great partner on your growth path.


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