Ngozi Scholastica Nd Alichi

Books by Ngozi Scholastica Nd Alichi

the journey

The Journey tells the story of Egobure Irondi, a young brilliant village girl who gets the opportunity to further her education at Saint Bridget Teachers' Training College in the city to satiate her desire to be a Teacher. This was made possible through the magnanimity of her uncle ,Enyinnaya ,who adopted and sponsors her education. This opportunity gets even bigger when she qualifies for an academic scholarship outside the country notwithstanding oppositions she was previously faced with. Ego completes her three year stay and returns with recognitions beyond her imagination: cash award and donation of works worth £25,000 to build and equip a library in her home state . Having attained academic prowess and chosen the man of her dreams, the story ends with greater feats in store for the rest of her life.


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