Njoku Oluchukwu, RDN

Books by Njoku Oluchukwu, RDN

the nigerian diabetes cookbook

The Nigerian Diabetes Cookbook was created by a registered dietitian in Nigerian to help you make wise, low carbohydrate food choices from our locally available food ingredients. Many persons living with Diabetes often struggle with decisions as to what foods are safe to eat in order to avoid a spike in blood sugar. They are often given very restrictive diet plans that makes eating rather boring. The truth is: You can still have a variety of meal options to choose from our various Nigerian foods and still maintain a healthy blood sugar range. The recipes and guidelines inside: Makes weight management easier Doesn’t spike blood sugar And comes with readily available, local ingredients RDN. Oluchukwu J. Njoku is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, a Diabetes Coach and a strong Advocate and preacher of Lifestyle Medicine. She has helped several Nigerian Seniors successfully lose excess body weight, reverse type 2 Diabetes and gain limitless vitality even at old age.


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