Nomi Cane

Nomi Cane is the pseudonym of a young poet and novelist who resides in Nigeria and is completing her law degree. She likes food, anime, webtoons, and kpop. If you talk smack around her about BTS, anime, or how "reading pictures" is childish, just run. Because she's going to fite you. Find her on IG on her account @oh_leave, where she posts amateur rap videos and poetry.

Books by Nomi Cane

body language

Rose (Rosie) Bassey, all 114kg (and reducing) of her, is fresh out of a relationship that ended in her one sided heartbreak and is three months fresh into a weight loss program entered into on the oath to never again fall for callous players who saw her as only another body, albeit a very large one. So she is quite irritated at how quickly her body seems to betray her brain whenever she sights Zeke, who also happens to be her personal trainer. And a renowned player always looking to score. Ezekiel (Zeke) Ibrahim is the resident Casanova on the block. Doesn't matter if it's in trousers, odds are he's already done it. And moved on without a backward glance. And now, Zeke has set his sights on Rose; he is very aware of her attraction to him despite her cool and aloof manner and would do anything to get under her skin in the same manner she gets under his. He knows she doesn't trust him, and he can't blame her; he can't trust himself either. But one kiss and two completely accidental orgasms later, he's going after her with blinders on and soon, they're entangled in a relationship that's as compulsively physical as it is confusingly emotional. What started as pure sexual attraction is quickly bleeding into something deeper. They must now to learn to trust each other, and this is something that only one is willing to do. Because even though Rose wants more than anything, to trust Zeke with all her heart, she knows that he is hiding something from her and she is determined to find out what it is. Zeke does have a dirty secret in his past, a secret that he carries with him; and one that could destroy them both if it ever came to the light; casting a dark shadow over their happiness. But, as it turns out, that past will not stay buried. Will Zeke be able to overcome the demons from his past to keep the woman he loves or will the secrets break them apart forever?

body heat

Everybody knows that Glory Murray, CEO of Murray Group of companies and the ‘Dreaded King of Nigerian Finance’, is a goddamn ice cold bastard. From the boardroom, to the ruthless deals and takeovers, to the once in a while sifting through of women with no promises of commitment, Glory has earned a hard, cold eyed reputation for himself. The problem now, is that this reputation is being threatened by none other than Glory himself (or so it seems): he wakes up one morning to the realization that there was a strange woman in his bed and he apparently put her there, but he has no recollection of doing so. Glory finds himself delving deeper into the rabbit hole of his own mind, where dark secrets lurked, secrets that could destroy the only family he'd ever known, and the bond he'd started to build with Falana - his nurse. As Glory races to regain his lost memories, his sense of self and remember who Falana had become to him, only one question stands: Is it worth the burn?

the wife swap: a romance novel

Olubambi Titus is a woman desperate enough to wear another woman's identity to escape her deadly fate. In a rotten twist of her luck, top tier stripper/ showgirl, Bambi, popularly known as Bambi The Siren with a silken voice and even bigger dreams, has managed to piss off Mr. G, her boss and notorious Lagos pimp of the popular adult night club, Her Secret, and is now on the run. Down on her luck, and in desperate need of escape, she meets her doppelganger, high society heiress Princess Uloaku. Princess has a problem she believes Bambi can solve: swap places with her in an arranged marriage to the mute son of another high society family, for just six months. The benefits? The ‘honeymoon’ will take her out of the country, and away from all her problems. And a fake husband who can make all her big dreams come true. She just has to befriend him. Bambi has a plan. The catch? What is she to do when ‘friendship’ starts to turn into more, Bambi finds herself falling for her fake husband?

body count

Urhougide ‘Rogue’ Silas & Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Korede are starcrossed…enemies. Or so they think. It was hate at first meet. The fire burning between them whenever they looked into each other's eyes? That was rage, pure and simple. Rogue believes that Lizzy hates him because he didn't fall at her feet, and Lizzy believes Rogue hates her because she spits in the face of societal conventions about women and what they do with their bodies (who would like such a prick, right?), both of them projecting their hurtful past experiences on one another. But their mutual friends and family; The Basseys, believe otherwise, and now they're stuck with each other in close proximity after being ditched at the Mary Bassey's Bachelor/ette party, they are compelled to get to know more about each other and face their prejudices. Will they be able to let go of their biases long enough to understand and see each other? Or is it all just a disaster waiting to happen?

the husband hitch (a wife swap novel)

Akinola Okundaye is a man desperate enough to sell his freedom in order to stay in control of his own destiny. In a despicably underhanded twist of events, Akin finds himself (and his company) at the mercy of his father, and he is manipulated into marrying his childhood friend and first love, Amara Ugokwe, as nothing more than a business move to close a joint project deal with Amara's father. There is a slight problem that he has to deal with on his own: the fact that he and Amara parted with bitter feelings and broken hearts on both sides. But he couldn’t go back on the contract, now that he has signed it. What he doesn’t know, however, is that the woman he’s just agreed to marry who is masquerading as Amara is, in fact, her twin; Ahunna, the sole reason why he and Amara no longer see eye to eye. And what is he to do when Ahunna’s return into his life begins the untangling of the web of deceit that the Ugokwe sisters wove around him for many years?

kitty comes first (fairly used boyfriend 2)

She's a desperately fed up Damsel in Distress looking for a pretend boyfriend... Katherine Lilian Reagan is desperately in need of a pretend live-in boyfriend for one week to show off to her family and ex, and he's the recently homeless knight-in-shining armor willing to act the part...for a price. He's the recently displaced knight-in-shining armor willing to act the part...for a price. Noah Hartland is willing to act the part of her pretend live-in boyfriend so she can save face in front of her family and her ex...for a price. The price? Her heart. She's the woman who got away, and he's not going to let her slip through his fingers this time around. A love worth fighting for... Will Noah be able to convince Kat that his love for her was more than just a contract on an escort app?


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