Nomi Cane

Books by Nomi Cane

the double entanglement: a wife swap novel

ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE... Akin has finally broken free of the deceit of the Ugokwe sisters, and realized that the woman he'd thought he loved was nothing more than a mirage. And now, he has finally realized that Ahunna's love for him is genuine, and has always been. And when Ahunna tells him that she no longer loves him, is it already too late for him to convince her otherwise? ...AND WAR. With Amara back in the picture—her return casting doubts in Ahunna's mind over his true intentions, Akin has to decide whether he can trust Amara's seemingly good willed help in getting her twin's love back. A deeper wedge comes between them when Akin discovers the final result of Ahunna's deal with his uncle to save his company; her becoming the top boss. Will Akin be able to look past her usurpation and get the woman he'd always loved, or will his own pride and anger destroy their misplaced love all over again?

her first happy ending (fairly used boyfriend 1)

She's a sexually frustrated divorcee looking for a happy ending… The dotted lines of her hellish contract marriage have been signed and Ruth Rockwell is a free woman. A free, rich woman with just one goal: getting laid, and if she had to pay to get it, who the hell cares?! After all, she’s finally got the freedom, and five years is a long time to go hungry. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do – enter The Fairly Used Boyfriend escort app… And he's the debt ridden Prince Charming willing to give it to her… for a price. Jax King is a straight A scholarship top student, but no one would have guessed that this nerd was actually an alpha male + naughty professor package, rolled into one, in the bedroom; a skillset he employed to his advantage. With his bills and financial needs increasing daily, he returns to the very place he promised himself he would never go back to – The Fairly Used Boyfriend escort app. Be careful what you pay for… What are the odds that these two will be thrown together by the mystic workings of technology and an unknown handler? Will the instant attraction between these two prove to be much more than they bargained for?


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