Nonso Nwagbo

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feynoi and beyond

The valley of Feynoi became the center of universal attention as two of earth's most powerful zyanian nations—Tzakynia and Chyztyia—battled for supremacy over the blue planet. The monarch of Chyztyia, King Kastba, was ruthless and relentless; unwilling to stop at nothing until he subjects the entire 37 nations of earth under his feet. 50 days of brutal war had gone by, claiming the lives of dinosaurs, unicorns and Zyans—the keepers of earth. The chaos was beckoning on the attention of Zion. More zyans were renouncing their worship of the Most High. At the same time, silent agitations were building up in Zion, Orion and the constellations. Should any of the two monarchs win the Feynoi war, the angels knew the worship of the Most High would become a thing of the past among the zyans. To win back the Most High's reverence and redeem the zyans from the path of apostasy, the Noble Council of Celestial Order sent Lucifer—a beautiful guardian angel—to earth with an army of a thousand angels. But what he encountered was more than what he anticipated. He was torn between defending the sovereignty of the Most High or to lift his sword in fury to protect his own honour. His decision could break his eternal bond of brotherhood with the Archangel, Michael. What precedes this decision is a story of love, romance, betrayals and war. But what follows is rebellion, revenge and the greatest immortal combat of all time.


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