Obafemi O. Akinola

Of humble and God-fearing parentage, he combines hard work and integrity in every stratum of his career and ministerial assignment. He studied International Relations but chose to be a teacher of the Word. He is a prolific writer and has authored many spirit-filled books with in-depth revelation knowledge of Christ. Aside from his local church, he pioneers the "In Christ Realty Team". An interdenominational evangelical body. Married to sister Toyin Akinola and blessed with four children: Precious, favor, Angel, and David.

Books by Obafemi O. Akinola

living in the realities of christ

Most times, the lives of many Christians betray the faith they portrayed. Out of wrong information they live in error and have their heart mutilated against the gospel of grace and the sincere efforts of the cross. Most times, they strive to do what Christ has already accomplished at Calvary instead of trusting Him for it. Living in the realities of Christ of course is living like Christ - the life of Christ forming our attitude and behavior. This we can reflect by the identity with Christ.   In this book, Obafemi O. Akinola updated the church about the true position of every born-again Christian and how to live consistently in the realities of Christ. If you are floating and insecure in the demonstration of correct Christian values - bearing out the very life of Christ in this heathen vessel, then this book is your antidote.


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