Odeh Anthony

Odeh Anthony is a lecturer with the department of theatre arts and a Head of Department of Film/TV production . He hails from okpokwu local government area of Venue state Nigeria . Has a B.A theatre Arts from Benue state University Makurdi, 2011 and Post Graduate Diploma in education

Books by Odeh Anthony

father's regrets

Mallam Faruq is a typical Nigerian man who believes that the place of a woman is in the kitchen and in the other room as it is customary to his traditional way of life. The play Father’s Regrets is all about Aisha and her sister Zeinab whose father denied them of been educated. Aisha got married to a mean called Abdul and an uneducated man and as a replica of Mallam Faruq. Aisha suffers abuses in her marriage until her death giving birth. Zeinab in the other hand in other resist her father’s believe system ran away from the hand and falls into the hand of woman who introduces her to prostitution and later contracted HIV/AIDS.

hurdles in marriage

Hurdles in Marriage is about a newly wedded couple; Frank and Nancy. Frank is addicted to having an extra marital affair outside his marriage. Nemesis caught up with Frank as he has an affair with a lady from dark kingdom the almost destroyed his life and marriage. Frank learnt his lesson later and changed his ways. frank apologize and promised his wife to be faithful


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