Odia Omovbude

Odia's early affinity for books lured him into the world of literary storytelling, theatrical creativity and digital make believe. Over the years, not only has he become proficient in major areas of film making but equally effective in disseminating its components scholarly and leading groups in achieving great pictures. Beyond doubt, he's an avid lover of societal upgrade through literary and digital make-believe. He directs and writes screenplays for features, documentaries, TV dramas and commercials. He's currently a lecturer in the department film and television production at PEFTI Film Institute Lagos Nigeria, one of Africa's biggest IEI film institutions.

Books by Odia Omovbude

mr. producer and the business of nigerian filmmaking

Referred to as 'Nollywood's business manual' this handbook provides the ABCs of film producing, workings of a mainstream producer, and corporate Nollywood business. This handbook is loaded with illustrations and samples of how to write film and television business plans, how and who to approach for partnership, funding, film deals; and basic principles of film production management geared to equip practicing and aspiring film producers venturing into Nollywood.


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