Odunayo Abdulai

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what should i be eating?

What Should I be Eating? is Nigeria’s number ONE self-help book on nutrition, for those looking to eat healthier to achieve weight loss, lower their blood sugar or blood pressure, on a Nigerian diet. The book is very self-explanatory with lots of tips, tricks, meal ideas (with photos) and 2 free sample meal plans, you can start using immediately. On an average, those who read an implement the steps I outlined in my book, have gone on to lose 4 -7kg per month. All I ask is that you read it, digest then implement! The benefits are beyond just weight loss, because you’ll also be welcoming a healthier more radiant you! Here is exactly what you’ll learn, after reading this book: • What makes a healthy diet and how to choose healthier food options • Practical tips to help you reduce your sodium intake • A practical guide to the safest alcohol consumption and how it affects your weight and health • Selecting sweeteners • Benefits of a healthy diet • How to create a healthy meal plan with Nigerian foods • How to count your calories • Best time to eat • How to interpret nutrition labels to guide your purchases of packaged products • Best cooking methods • Tips to help you stick to eating healthy • How to design your exercise plan • Common nutrition and fitness myths holding you back from weight loss success. • Get a free 1500cal and 1200cal sample meal plan, you can start using immediately


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