Odunuyi Oluwatoyin

"I am a writer because writing is what I do best- Flannery O'Connor. Writing has evolved from being an hobby to a lifestyle for this young vibrant author. Oluwatoyin spends most of her time writing because it is therapeutic and allows her to create a world where her characters seem real. This author likes to play God in her literary works; she believes it's her power to decide between whether justice would be served or not, which characters would get a happy ending or not. She owns a blog about development disorders such as Autism and Cerebral palsy. Toyin wants to change the world doing the thing she does best_ Writing. She sheds light on gang violence, dangers of death sentence, rape and domestic violence.

Books by Odunuyi Oluwatoyin

what i didn't know

Titilayomi had always lived her life oblivious to almost everything around her. Was it her father and mother’s strained relationship? Her father’s maltreatment towards her autistic brother, Dara? Or the real relationship between her and “her best friend?’’ She lived by her own saying “what you know would kill you”. This is a short story filled with lessons on the importance of speaking up to an injustice, understanding that pain is covered up in different ways and most importantly, learning that things aren’t always what they seem to be. She realized that people needed a share of their truth and made it a duty to tell those truths.

the savior

Jamila Nunn thought the worst thing to happen in Ajuaville was the menace group; the old nicks. But little did she know that being married to Benjamin Taj, the king of Ajuaville would be worse. With her father owing Benjamin a huge sum of money, he requests for either of the Nunn sisters. With everything going well for her sister, Jamila decides to give herself in to the rich man. She lives a life of luxury but has more problems than ever; fitting into her husband’s rich and popular life and family, nursing bruises and hiding them with makeup and violence. What happens when her freedom is based on exposing her husband’s darkest secret? Will she decide to say the truth and free the people from the misery? She either gets her freedom or death.


Sisters, Natasha and Shelia Matt are separated after Natasha is jailed for the murder of her three college roommates and sentenced to death by the state. 15 years after, 25-year old Shelia returns back to town, being engaged to Sportstar, Lorenzo Adams. Overwhelmed with the feeling of reuniting with her sister, Shelia attempts to get her sister out of Jail before she is wrongfully killed with lethal injection. Shelia experiences much more than she imagined; office discrimination, her romantic relationship under fire by the press, her father's past intentions and worst, Regret. Quietus is a book that shows perfect love for family, process of moving on, fighting for another chance in life and the impossiblity in forgiving and forgetting.


''Destroy anyone who undermines the giant in you'' The son of the mayor of Hanson town, Lucas Vez fears that the fight between the two towns; Hanson and Mowii would end up worse than he imagined. With his father encouraging the town to cause more havoc than the other town did, this would not only promote ignorance but an extinction. *inspired by the xenophobic attacks of Nigeria and South Africa last year*


'Destroy anyone who undermines the giant in you'' The son of the mayor of Hanson town, Lucas Vez fears that the fight between the two towns; Hanson and Mowii would end up worse than he imagined. With his father encouraging the town to cause more havoc than the other town did, this would not only promote ignorance but an extinction. *inspired by the xenophobic attacks of Nigeria and South Africa last year

just for you

Amanda "Ama" Hale is reunited with vivacious older runaway sister, Jaqueline after she returns to Chapo town with her child, Grace. This signifies a new beginning for her and the chance to improve Grace's cerebral palsy state. Sisters, Jacqueline and Amanda have a lot more in common than their exile from the family and the important presence of their daughters in their lives. Both are faced with the return of their abusive, unstable partners which create more problems as the day goes by. Will both be able to choose the right choices for the sake of their daughters, even if it comes with dire consequences? This book highlights the importance of putting the child first in any situation.

our naija

Claire Adedotun struggles with believing her pastor-husband, who is rumored to have been using his delivarance as a front to take advantage of women. Benita believes her daughter, Jessica should understand the importance of taking care of a home at age 14, than getting an education. Amina prefers to be single than to leave her abusive 30-billion dollar boyfriend. Hannah decides to get justice after being raped, but with the millions of women awaiting justice, what could make her different. Joy is married to the love of her life who refuses to accept her autistic child. This Book includes five different topics that are relatable to us as Nigerians.

finding nathaniel

Who was Nadia Darcie? The woman with the perfect curves? A gang member’s main squeeze? The recovering drug addict? The caring friend who would do anything for the people she loved? The stripper/prostitute? Nadia would describe herself as ‘messed-up and unlucky’. Suffered the tragic passing of her father, went through emotional and sexual abuse by one of her mother’s conquests, left homeless for five years, developed a drug addiction in her teenage years, not to mention her failing mental health. At age 24, she was determined to take control of her life. By that, she meant finally getting custody of her little brother, Nathaniel. A tragedy struck. He went missing along with his adoptive father after a boat cruise trip. The one person she lived for, was gone, presumed dead by the police. Her faith can only last a while. she wonders if she will ever find what she had always wanted? when she does, will she like it? This book shows the unconditional love of family and life surprises.

we're just kids

A delusional withdrawn mother. an older brother who craved to be a gang member more than anything else in life, a runaway sister and a father who constantly tried to put the family together. That was the John family. That’s what Ashanti John was living with. Not just her broken family, she struggles with her own demons. After witnessing her siblings die in a school shooting, she is labelled “unstable”. Worse, ever since then, she had reoccurring dreams that usually ended with a gun pointed at her. Her psychologist called it PTSD but she knew better, she knew she was going to die. Determined to get rid of the nightmares and to escape the broken family drama, she chooses to ‘live life’ like her classmates are; getting mixed up with drugs, sex, parties, relationships and unfamiliar habits. The phrase “what you do now will affect you later” doesn’t matter to her or her classmates. she begins to ask if it was all worth it. “Am I living my life or am I just ruining it?

yours, always

Heavyweight champion, Thomas Levy wants nothing more than to forget his prisontime. To him, the past should always remain the past. Andrea Walsh struggles with PTSD after a sexual assault. She worries that she would be termed ‘’broken” for the rest of her life. Thomas was never the corny one. So, why on earth would he tell Andrea that he would always be hers? It was completely impossible to not fall in love with Andrea. His interest was beyond the alluring looks; it was her energy, her aura. For Andrea, she may have found someone who understood her and would be patient with her. Thomas is everything she had ever wished for, but his reticence and taciturnity stands in between them. She wonders if she would ever be able to heal his past wounds or would ever get him to open up about it. Yours, always is a novel that revolves around the themes of love, friendships, mental health and family relationships.

karma is a bitch

If Semilore could kill anyone and get away with it, she would not hesitate to kill Tofunmi and It wouldn’t be a quick death. Yes, it’s very deep. Tofunmi had tossed her out like garbage after seven years of courtship. 7 wonderful years of bliss, happiness and great sex. She had been told that Lagos boys were sent by the devil. She couldn’t relate. She had the best man, but little did she know that he was the devil’s advocate. Breaking a relationship abruptly and marrying someone else three months later. who does that? Everyone worries that she may still be hung up on the married man. Why wouldn’t she be? 7 years was not a joke. Starting a new relationship will not be easy, especially when she gets caught up between two men. All she knows is that thunder will fire he and his mediocre wife and karma would eventually strike. Karma is an hilarious relatable novella that tells the story of a young woman in search for answers and a new love story.

the get-together: whodunit?

Joseph had two important things planned for the night, one- to reunite with his friends after a long draining lockdown and two, to make a move on the girl of his dreams. That was until a dead body emerged in the house and things went south. Locked in a house with a killer on the loose? He thought those things only happened in movies. Joke’s on them. This particular one has the entire back-story of their lives. The night comes with secrets being unraveled, real personalities finally exhibiting themselves and more cadavers dropping from each side of the “cursed-haunted’ house. Now, everyone is a suspect, including the girl of his dreams. It’s not just about leaving the house but leaving the house alive and well, not in a body bag. The housewarming is a psychological thriller novel that revolves around theme of the struggles of young adults and their fear of the future and strong need for money.


Vivacious and Voluptuous Tolani Balogun strongly believes in the saying “an eye for an eye”. And with that, she decides to go after her parents’ murderers the same way that they did-Without scruples or mercy. She swore that she would start her vengeance by letting the culprits of her misfortune know that a plague was coming and it would wipe them out from the face of the earth. Her younger sister, Sarah worries that Tolani’s past trauma has sparked up an unquenchable rage in her and is slowly taking away her morals and her mind. Would she be able to pull her sister out of the dark world before it’s too late or will she make matters worse by getting involved with the enemy? She fears that Tolani would not stop, until she sees red. Unscrupulous is a revenge-themed novel that explores the extent persons would go for money and power.

all for my beautiful odd boy

Young mother, Naomi believes she’s the cause of her son’s odd and absurd behavior.  Her emotionally-abusive husband and meddling mother-in-law never fail to remind her that her past mistakes are the reasons that Demilade turned out to be different from other children.  Would her unending prayers be able to deliver him from the unique “disease” or would education pave the way for understanding in the Williams’ home? All for my beautiful Odd boy Is a Family Novel that speaks on the powerful love a mother feels for her child along with the subjects of Autism Awareness, Misconceptions, and Inclusion, Love and Marriage

turn-ons and red flags

Entitled-Semilore seems to have caught the wedding bug and cannot think of anything else than walking down the aisle. After mourning the death of her 7-year relationship, she looks forward to bigger things- shiny, stable men who know what they want and how to get them. Kasim is that- He is the Yoruba man with the charm, the beauty, and the money but Semilore wants more. Constantly reminiscing on a night of passion with a friend, she cannot help but want more. She is caught at love crossroads. She struggles with choosing the right man for a lifetime- Emeka, the obnoxious lawyer, or Kasim, the down-to-earth wealthy man. Although loving both, she must choose one that would quicken her journey down the aisle. That's the point, to have a 24-karat ring on her finger that people can gawk at and "aw" over. Will her choice be suitable and guarantee a life of happiness or will it ruin future romantic relationships? Turn-ons and red flags is a sequel to a novella, Karma is a bitch.

another weird, sad and horny valentine's day

What’s the fuss about Valentine’s day anyway? Flowers, chocolates, hampers filled with sweet expensive items, date nights, valentine’s day sex? Those are the things that Daliayah craves, but the spectacular love day has been nothing but a day of misfortune. This year doesn’t fall short as she makes drunken mistakes, sheds more tears and experiences more heartbreak. Although, this year sparks the possibility of a new love story.


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