Oghenero Ruth Edemo

Books by Oghenero Ruth Edemo

the strange woman

Woman. A symbol of humanity itself. She wears many 'hats', plays different roles; but whatever she does, she is first of all a person,Woman. This collection of short stories tells the stories of different women, wearing different hats; a married man's mistress(A.k.a side chick), a widow who is grateful for her widowhood for the opportunity it gives her to find love again; an irate daughter who cannot understand why she cannot be mother's everything ; another woman's quest to enter the hallowed assembly of 'women with coverings', among others. The stories not only entertain you, but are highly relatable and affords you a chance to see things through the eyes of different women, and so offer you some insight. Its got 53 pages therefore very easy on your time, your eyes, your device's battery and most importantly, your pockets.


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