Oguine Precious

Oguine is a Nigerian author. He is a passionate writer who has addressed contemporary issues in his books. His main aim is to fight the devils bedeviling the human society. He is a graduate of the University of Ilorin.

Books by Oguine Precious

tears of the sun

In a country at the brink of a civil war, Two journalists in a bid to unravel the truth behind the curtains of politicians and cabals running the government find themselves toggled up in controversies and propagandas surrounding a riot staged in the northern part of Nigeria. Determined to expose their discoveries at all cost and prevent a possible genocide, they are labeled traitors, forced to flee and hide and they are tested beyond their human capacities. With only the truth to spare, they made sacrifices that tore them from their loved ones and made promises they found difficult to keep. Poised to survive, they must become strangers even to themselves as they become the story they were meant to share. The story also centers on Emeka, the only child of a wealthy business man and how he was forced to watch the horrors of the 1966 genocide unfold before him. Emeka losses his parents in the wake of a second genocide staged a few months after the first genocide and must find courage and reasons to carry on in his pursuit for survival. Tears of the Sun is an interwoven story of love, hate, deaths and survival. Above all, it is a story that preaches unity as a stronghold for a better tomorrow. It is the untold story of the Nigeria Civil War.


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