Ogundare Mufutau Adewale

Books by Ogundare Mufutau Adewale

path to greatness

An oak was once an acorn. Greatness, too, is like a small seed at the beginning but if planted and nurtured in a good soil will grow mightily. Therefore, you must recognise greatness has a beginning no matter how little or humble that beginning may be. To be great in life, you have to set clear, purposeful goals and be driven by values. When you set goals, you would have created for yourself a platform to grow, improve and develop. The plan is to always live one day at a time. The battle of today is meant to be fought today. The challenges of today are meant to be overcome today. Many people are overwhelmed because they want to overcome the challenges of days, weeks, months or years, in just a day. The Path to Greatness acts as a guide and roadmap to your success journey. This book will help you gather momentum from your present point on becoming great and serve as a source of inspiration to spur you to greater heights.


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