Ogunmokun Adekusibe

Books by Ogunmokun Adekusibe

an escape to rendezvous

Martha is sixteen-years-old when she runs away from home to Lagos. Her new guardian introduces her to a secret strip club called ‘Rendezvous Club’. Subsequently, she is lured into the subtle and darkest art of prostitution. She has some interesting encounters. One of them: she falls in love with a 39-year-old police officer who knows her exact kind of job. After her first heartbreak, she bounces back, and she reunites with her step-brother. She falls in love again with his stepbrother. She decides to return home after three years. She wants to challenge her foster father for raping her when she was in Abeokuta. But things turn against her plan. Her step-brother is dead, and the police had come for her.

heartbreak o'clock

When Casey Adams breaks up with her caring lover and decides to move on, she thinks her life is planned out. She walks into a new relationship, an odd choice, a Mexican painter, her ex's brother! Surely, it is a foolish decision to go out with her ex’s brother. And as if things aren't weird enough, she is introduced to her new co-worker, Andre. This guy is her former high school crush. Torn between her growing feelings for her ex's brother and her fondness for Andre, she knows she has to make a difficult choice. Who is she going to pick?


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