Okenwa Oluomachukwu Sandra

Books by Okenwa Oluomachukwu Sandra


A story that focuses on fate, destiny, dreams, reality and unrequited love. Inspired by the supernatural forces of the African tales of life and destiny. Ikeno manifests all of his dreams in reality. Most times he does not remember those dreams and when he eventually does; Fate leaves him with memories he would forever live with.

fruits of the season

A compilation of different stories focusing on love, lust, romance, trust, betrayal, faith, goodwill, circumstances and society standards.

a feminist cry

A story of gender role play, strive for equality, total submission, career goals, breaking laws and society standard. A story of the true definition of Feminism.

a human god

The story of the pursuit of strength, courage, bravery, meekness and the supernatural forces that governs the other phase of Life. Egwu finds himself as a sacrificial lamb to his people- The same people he fought for their freedom. Would he come back in the after life to take vengenance on the people?

dear virgin

' A Soon To Tell Story'. A story of a virtuous character whose crown and worth was shattered on the foundation of trust.

tulips of love

There is always enough Love to go round everybody. Wait for your Tulip.


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