Ola Ademola-Adesanoye

Ola grew up loving books, these were always her go to place. She was nicknamed 'bookworm' by one of her cousins when she was about nine, as she habitually had her nose in a book. Always hoped to author a book one day but never got round to it, until now of course. This is her first novella; she enjoyed the gruelling process so much that she is already working on a sequel

Books by Ola Ademola-Adesanoye

everything and nothing

Bibi and Ken are from two different worlds – geographically and culturally. When their love is tested through doubt, grief, judgement, shame, stigma, and an unexpected diagnosis, Bibi and Ken will question whether their shared passions and faith are enough to bridge their differences. Differences that seem so small but have great impacts and consequences.


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