Ola Osibodu

Ola Osibodu is the author of historical fiction novel, Kings and Not Slaves – a story set in the 18th Century that combines African mythology with American history to give a balanced perspective on subject of slave trade. Ola began writing while studying Business Information Technology at London Southbank University. While he lived in London, he took creative writing classes and Kings and not Slaves is a product of those classes. Back then, he was also an active member of the East Dulwich Writers’ Group (EDWG). He returned to Lagos in 2011 to pursue a career in Software Technology. Today he is an accomplished IT Professional having worked with several multi-nationals. Ola is a family man and spends his time off work teaching creative writing. He ails from Ogun State, Nigeria.

Books by Ola Osibodu

kings and not slaves

It is 1791 in Suffolk town, Virginia. King is a slave on the Aldershot tobacco plantation. To him, his deportation is an unfortunate coincidence. He needs to run away to take his rightful place in royalty. To his family, there is a far more tenacious reason why King must return home - a frightening aged prophecy is coming to past and he is the solution. Although prying overseers watch every step, they don’t see the incendiaries coming. As a result, a state of emergency is declared across the colony. Dragoons are called in to smoke out the sinners. They will stop at nothing until every one of the “Bastards” shared the same fate. All routes lead to death. An abomination is the last option and King goes the mile. Months later he finds out he has complicated his life and that of those who depend on him. The ultimate solution now lies in hell.


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