Olabode Adetoyi

Books by Olabode Adetoyi

the entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur amplifies the unique quality that saw Prince Bode Adetoyi from growing up as a young student from Otun-Ekiti to the entrepreneurial world, nurturing Ji Nutrients international limited from infancy in a small flat at Ogba, Lagos to the becoming a global brand in Nigeria’s challenging and unstable business environment. The book mirrors the life of tenacity, focus, and firm belief that, where there is life, there is also hope. It proves that success is possible without breaking laws, cutting corners, having friends in government or inheriting a fortune from rich parents. The book also captures the essence of employee/employer relationship, navigating through office politics and some of the things that could go wrong; it declares that, like leaders, entrepreneurs are made and not born. A careful reading of this book can train any person to become a wise and purposeful entrepreneur.


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