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simplified music

Simplified Music is a manual that simplifies basic music theory and practice using the piano as the focal point for analysis based on its beginner-appealing design. The user of Simplified Music will come across many self-explanatory diagrams that will fast-track their understanding of basic music theory; the exact notes to be held on the piano and the correct fingering with which they should be held are all portrayed in diagrams, this is in a bid to explain music in the most simplified manner for the user to understand with little or no guidance from a teacher. After going through the following chapters contained in Simplified Music the user will be able to: Chapter 1: define music and its main components Chapter 2: understand what a major scale is and how to build it Chapter 3: define solmization and explain it's relationship with music notes and overall application in music Chapter 4: define music intervals and give examples of where they can be found Chapter 5: define chords, explain how the triad chords are drawn from a major scale and also give examples Chapter 6: explain the fingering for piano, run some major scales in music and hold some basic chords Chapter 7: understand how to accompany a song and practicalize with the most popular song in the world "Happy Birthday To You" by Mildred J. Hill and Patty S. Hill Chapter 8: define chord inversion and hold chords on a piano in root position, first inversion and second inversion Chapter 9: demonstrate Dapo's Chord and Melody Hand Signs which helps a conductor in communicating chord progressions or melody notes of a song or tone poem to a performer Chapter 10: explain the relationship between the twelve music notes and the number of respective sharps/flats in them with the aid of the Simplified Circle of Fifths diagram


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