Oladoyin Taiwo

Hello, my name is Doyin! The founder of Profit With Doyin where I help women-owned businesses increase their revenue by getting more clients on social media. I am a certificated Digital Marketing Professional with over 13 years of experience. Since launching my business in 2016, I have trained, coached and consulted on business planning, brand positioning, marketing strategy, publicity, personal brand management and social media visibility strategy for small businesses. Through the use of social media for my brand visibility, I have had the privilege to facilitate 3 sessions at the US Consulate and invited to speak in New York. I have been featured in Guardian Woman, Business Day, Women of Rubies, Kiss FM, Leading Ladies Africa for Y.Naija, PAW Foundation among others. Visit www.profitwithdoyin.com for more about my work.

Books by Oladoyin Taiwo

tiktok made easy

About TikTok Made Easy: This is an easy guide on how to get started using TikTok to promote your brand. The guide is designed to take you by the hand and walk you through the step by step process of getting started on TikTok. It will show you step by step way of navigating TikTok in the easiest way possible. It comprises of 9 easy to read chapters to help you get started.


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