Olamide Agemo

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the girl in the mirror: how 2020 became the year of my grand shift

2020 meets Olamide at a crossroads. Even as the world undergoes a makeover, Olamide’s long-term relationship comes to a practical end after a pretty tumultuous journey. She is then involuntarily compelled to rethink her life path. The lockdown of 2020 and the subsequent depression that it ushers in doesn’t make it any easier. ‘It is easier said than done,’ one more person says to her when she talks about her odyssey and the hard calls and mistakes she has made. Olamide eventually detaches from all the noise and distractions the world has to offer and retreats to the inner recess of her mind for an honest analysis. Who will emerge victorious? Her demons, pain or her true self? Find out in The Girl in The Mirror


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