Olawale Olagoke

Books by Olawale Olagoke

how tortoise acquires knowledge

This purely fictional story centred on Tortoise, who ignorantly conceived a foolish method that would make him the richest animal in the world. Eventually he attempted, but failed woefully. Before he could go further in a futile attempt to climb a tree something strange happened. A hunter suddenly arrived at the scene and restored his dashed hopes. The author presents this story within the scope of his creative dimensions, which provide useful avenues for the readers to learn from a rich cultural heritage.

echoes of love

Falling in love was so easy. What about falling out of love? It was much easier than you could ever imagine. This is an interesting story of two undergraduates that met in a dramatic circumstance. The cookie crumbles when a mother threatened to make life unbearable for an orphan dating her daughter. Baby girl could not bear the shock and the unimaginable happened. What could that be? To unravel the mysteries behind the scenes, read further to know more about the conspiracy between the mother and the gangsters. Happy reading...


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