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oriri's plight

Written by popular Nigerian Musician, Brymo, Oriri's plight is a story of a young man who set out to bring "light" for and to his people. Oriri finally arrived at ‘the place where the light is’, and the people of the light had welcomed him with open arms; and as it is in the inherent nature of dreams the details were always a bit sketchy, but he recalled that the people made a feast for him. Dames, with beads of pearls adorning their hair and necks danced in excitement, all for him. They served him fresh milk in a bowl that shined, accompanied by a delicacy of smoked bush meat, none of which he was familiar with in Abwari; that is the bowl and smoked bush meat. People didn’t eat meat in his town, only salmon and fruits, or other foods that could be consumed raw. Land animals were considered one with the people and were treated with respect; no one had a reason or even the mere thought of making a meal of them. Cattle were raised for the purpose of milk production mostly, and some of the bulls also served as beasts of burden. The old cows were left to graze free until their dying day, as remuneration for spending their youth providing milk, or breaking the soil by the dragging of the Shanti plough on the poppy farms, in the service of their owners.


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